There are 2 scenarios when you make a sale:

1) The sale was not referred by an affiliate

2) The sale was referred by an affiliate

For both scenarios, we will use a $100 sale as an example.

In scenario #1 The seller will get 85% and Legiit will get 15%

  • Sale = $100
  • Seller = $85
  • Legiit = $15

In scenario #2 we assume an affiliate has driven traffic to Legiit through their affiliate link thus giving Legiit traffic and the seller a sale it would not have otherwise gotten. In that case the breakdown is:

  • Sale = $100
  • Seller = $70
  • Affiliate =  $15
  • Legiit = $15

There is a column in Selling > Orders that shows if the sale was sent by an affiliate or not.

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