There are a couple ways to earn money as an affiliate with!


You will earn an affiliate commission if someone buys the specific service you link to. You can use an affiliate link for any service, however, the affiliate link is only going to work for the service you use it for. If, for instance, you give someone an affiliate link to buy a service, but they instead buy someone else's, you will not earn an affiliate commission.


You can also promote Legiit as a whole by going to Menu > Settings > Affiliate Settings and copying your link :

When someone clicks your affiliate link, they will be cookied to you for 7 days, and you will get 15% commission on their purchase of that specific service, except services that have affiliate turned off. 


Legiit Plus members have the option to turn off their affiliate settings. 


You can also add services you highly recommend to your affiliate page. Simply click on the service you want to add to your profile page, and click on the "add to my affiliate page" button on the top right of the service thumbnail. 


You can add up to 15 services to your profile page, then share your own Legiit profile page to your audience! Your Legiit profile serves as your own Affiliate website with Legiit. 


For a video guiding you through how the Affiliate program works, visit this link below: 



For help or questions, please contact or open a support ticket at this link here:


Thank you for using Legiit to get more stuff done!