After you make a withdrawal request, it can take up to 72 hours for the payment to be manually reviewed then sent to your withdrawal method.

Paypal - No minimum withdrawal + $3 merchant fee 

Payoneer - $20 minimum withdrawal + $3 merchant fee

Skrill - No minimum withdrawal + $3 merchant fee 

Maximum Daily Withdrawal is $1,000

If your withdrawal request was rejected, it may be because you recently updated your PayPal withdrawal account. Please send a message to if you have changed your PayPal email. Please message our team and provide your old PayPal email with your new PayPal email. This will help expedite your withdrawal request and ensure it will not get rejected.

Our system will also reject a withdrawal request if you deposited funds into your Legiit wallet, then are trying to withdrawal funds to a different payment method than you deposited those same funds. You can only withdrawal funds back to the same method you deposited those same funds. 

For help or questions, please contact or open a support ticket at this link here:

Thank you for using Legiit to get more stuff done!