Your service description is what makes you stand out with every potential new client that comes your way. It is important to have a service description that details what you offer and what your potential customer would expect if they order from you. 

After you have written your service description and published your service, it will be submitted to customer support for review and approval. Please allow 72 hours for services to be reviewed and approved by a member of our team. 

Your service will be put back in draft including but not limited the following reasons: 

1. Using Fiverr (or other competitors) logo in your images or description. 

2. Your service description is short (1-2 sentences) 

3. Your description does not match the information in your Thumbnail or Title

4. If you sell a service that increases metrics like Domain Authority, Trust Flow and your metrics are different in your title, thumbnail image and service description. 

We have also created a strategic formula to writing the best service description that is sure to help you stand out. Read how here:

For help or questions, please contact or open a support ticket at this link here:

Thank you for using Legiit to get more stuff done!