Review Editions are a new feature that will allow freelancers to offer their services at a steep discount to incentivize additional reviews of their service. This is also a great opportunity for freelancers to generate interest in a new service they've created, and an opportunity for customers to grab some limited-time deals!

! Disclaimer !

By purchasing a Review Edition service, you agree that you will  provide a fair, honest, and authentic review of this service upon it’s delivery.

In order to ensure the fair use of this Review Edition service, Legiit may temporarily suspend the ability to buy and sell other services on the platform until a review is left.

By inviting you to participate in this Review Edition system, we are expecting that you will be providing accurate, fair, and honest reviews of the services you receive.

Any abuse or misuse of the Review Edition service offers, or attempts to generate fake reviews via this system, may result in a removal of eligibility to further participate in this program or further actions, up to and including permanent termination of your account.

Please note:

For non-premium users on Legiit, services are limited to 1 review edition. So one customer can purchase the review edition 1 time.

For premium users, services are limited to 3 review editions. So 3 customers can purchase the review edition 1 time.

The customer's account will only get suspended once the order is in "Complete" status and no review is left yet.

Once a review is left, the customer will be able to use the account as normal again. 

Watch the video below to learn more! 

For help or questions, please contact or open a support ticket at this link here:

Thank you for using Legiit to get more stuff done!