In the video below, we will show you how to create a course on Legiit. You can create and publish your new course at

When will I get paid for a course I delivered?

After a course has been completed, by the system or the customer. Funds from the course will enter escrow for 30 days then be available to withdrawal. 

Customers will have up to 30 days to request a refund on a course. After 30 days has passed from when the course was delivered, the customer can no longer request a refund. 

How can I promote my course?

Once your course is published and approved by our QA team, you will see a button to promote it (same process as you would when promoting a service) within your courses section: 

The first position on the homepage is $20 per day

The most popular course section on the homepage is $15 per day 

Then inside the category page, it is $10 per day and the subcategory is $7 per day. 

You can select up to 3 days at a time!

For help or questions, please contact or open a support ticket at this link 


Thank you for using Legiit to get more stuff done!