The following types of services have been removed and will no longer be available to purchase on Legiit. 
They include, but are not limited to: 
  • Selling reviews of any kind on any platform (Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Trip Advisor, etc...)
  • Social media engagement (Likes, shares, subscribers, views, plays, upvotes, tweets/retweets, etc... this includes social signals and social bookmarking). This also includes guaranteeing a set amount of engagement like 1000 subscribers, etc.
  • Telegram Scraping
  • Fake traffic
  • Adult related anything, XXX including onlyfans 
  • Mass DM on social media, or any kind of Mass DM or Private message service

  • Selling Online accounts - including but not limited to: Grammarly, Netflix, Spotify, Google Drive storage, Facebook and Facebook ads, etc
  • Selling Facebook Accounts or Facebook Ads Accounts 
  • Mentions of CBD, Marijuana, Hemp, Vaping etc...
  • Casino, Gambling 
  • Promoting Crypto, Creating Crypto or trading signal bots or websites (writing articles/blogs about Crypto is ok)
  • Teaching trading signals, or offering related software 
  • Forex signals services, or creating exchange platforms
  • Pharma
  • Anything illegal
  • Pinterest Pins/re-pins - selling specific number of pins/re-pins unless they own the public boards 
  • Narcotic Mentions anytime 
  • Selling Software unless you can verify ownership
  • Selling pre-created email lists or email databases
  • GMB verification services
  • Spinnin' Records
  • Spell Casting
  • Writing essays or academic papers, doing academic assignments for someone and selling this as a service. 
  • Selling exam material, ebooks/past papers, etc. 
  • Someone Taking An Exam For You, Example Google Certification, taking online courses for someone 
  • Promoting Udemy and eduonix or offering to do reviews for Udemy/eduonix courses 
  • Points +
  • Guest Post on 
  • Guest posts on thebaynet 
  • Selling VPS hosting or any other type of hosting service - this can be accepted on a case to case basis, meaning this goes with a special approval from the higher management.

Customer support will review all services before they will be published on the site. If they contain any of the topics above, we'll either request edits from you or your service will be denied.

Please review our public announcements regarding this, in our Facebook group:

If you are unsure if your service falls into one of these categories, please do not hesitate to contact Legiit support by opening a ticket here: or email 

Don't forget to ask about the different ways you can advertise your services on Legiit! 

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