Legiit Featured Service Of The Week Application

Here's How It Works

You apply by filling out this short form. 

Then each week, the Legiit Team will choose 1 service that they think will provide the most value to our customers.

The "winner" as it were get the following:

  • A custom image that they can show on their service that they were the service of the week (instant credibility)

  • A feature on the site - https://legiit.com/featured-services 

  • An email sent to every email address on all my lists (well into the 6 figures)

  • An app notification sent to everyone with the Legiit Messenger app

  • A browser notification

The Rules:

1. It will never ever be one of my services, or anyone on staff at Legiit's services

2. You will be required to provide at least a demonstration of your service, with a full complimentary example being preferred. This is done to ensure that quality services are featured and to maintain the integrity of the recommendation, you don't do this, you don't get it.

3. No one seller will be featured more than once per calendar year.

4. If you "follow up" or ask in any way if your service will be picked, why yours wasn't picked, if we got yours or anything that in any way annoys me or my staff you will be disqualified. Forever.
5. You will have to fill out the form thoroughly.

Click this link here to apply today!

Freelancer Resources:

1. Free Thumbnail (service image) Maker

2. How to Write an Effective Service Description On Legiit