If you have found your service was denied, it will be because of the following reasons. Including but not limited to:

  1. Blurry irrelevant thumbnail images - create a new thumbnail image here

  2. Short, service descriptions that does not describe what you are offering, and does not explain what the delivery will be. Get tips on how to write a service description here.

  3. Writing the same description in all three price package tiers. If you choose to offer 3 different package options, please offer something different in each. Please describe the differences in each package. 

  4. Service titles that begin with Do, I Do, I Will, I Can, or service titles and subtitles with grammar and spelling mistakes. 

  5. Your service descriptions have a variety of spelling and grammar mistakes. 

  6. Your service thumbnail image has a variety of spelling mistakes. 

  7. Your service is part of prohibited services we can no longer feature on Legiit.com. Visit the full list here.


On Legiit we pride ourselves in offering quality services for our customers. 

By putting in the effort to create a quality service, that also offers our customers value, your service will be approved quickly. 

For questions or assistance, please click the blue support chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen. 

Thank you!

Team Legiit