If you are ready to upgrade from the free 7-day trial of your Legiit Dashboard, you can easily upgrade by clicking the upgrade plan button on the bottom left of your dashboard, or click on the purple subscription button on the yellow status bar (pictured below)

"During your first 7 days with the Legiit dashboard, you can enjoy full access to all its powerful features with our trial period. You also have the option to skip the trial and purchase a subscription for uninterrupted access to all features."

We have 3 Different Pricing Plans!

Legiit: $7 per month

Legiit Plus: $27 per month

Legiit Agency: $97 per month  

You can view what is included in each plan below! 

If you are a small business owner, and have only one site you'd like to manage. We recommend the $7/month plan! Subscribe For $7 Here

However, the Legiit+ plan also comes with all features included in the Legiit+ subscription. 

We highly recommend the Legiit Agency plan for SEOs who manage multiple sites!

Upgrading from your current plan

If you are already on the Legiit or Legiit Plus plan and would like to upgrade, you can cancel your current plan within your account, at this link here:  https://legiit.com/buyer/active-subscriptions

click the Premium Subscription Tab, then cancel your current plan. 

Visit the pricing page, and select the new plan you'd like to upgrade to!