While the vast majority of transactions on Legiit are completed without issue, we understand that sometimes disagreements will arise that are not able to be worked out between the buyer and the seller. 

(Note: disputes can only be created within 90 days of the order being marked complete. If an order is over 90 days old, and you would still like to open a dispute, please contact us, and we will investigate your claim and assist you as best as we can.

This is how the dispute process works:

When one of our buyers opens a dispute, Legiit support will give the freelancer 48 hours to respond.

If they do not respond within 48 hours, the case will be arbitrarily closed in favor of the customer.

If they do respond, Legiit will give them the opportunity to review the buyer's complaint and resolve it.

If they decide the buyer's complaint has been resolved, and the buyer is still unhappy, then Legiit support will review the facts of the dispute.

This Includes, But May Not Be Limited To:

  • Reviewing the sales page of the service purchased
  • Reviewing communication that took place on the order
  • Reviewing communication that took place prior to the order via the messaging system
  • Reviewing the deliverable provided by the seller
  • Reviewing any other facts relevant to the case

After that, Legiit support will make a decision based on that information.

If they choose to side with the buyer, the funds from the order will be returned to either the customers' wallet if they paid by PayPal, or back to the credit card used.

If they decide to side with the seller the funds will be released to the seller.

Once a decision is made in a dispute by Legiit support, it is final and can't be appealed further.

If the customer who opens the dispute fails to reply to Legiit support update requests or requests for more information, the dispute may be marked invalid and the case closed.

While we know it can be frustrating when a dispute does not go the way you think it should have, please understand that this process is in the best interest of all parties involved and will only help build trust our buyer's have in our platform, which in turn will bring in sales for the sellers on our platform.

This video below will show you how to open a dispute on an order: 

Some tips to help avoid disputes.

For Buyers:


  • Talk to a seller before making a purchase and ask questions
  • Read the seller’s entire sales page before making a purchase to make sure it is clear what you will receive
  • Before filing a dispute, speak to the seller about your displeasure and ask them to fix it for you (if you open a dispute without first talking to the seller, the dispute may be automatically closed)
  • Disputes are for a seller not delivering, or not delivering as described. If it is simply a matter of you not liking the work that is when you leave appropriate feedback, not when you open a dispute


For Sellers:


  • Be completely clear with what you are offering, including what deliverables you will be providing
  • Communicate with your customers clearly and often throughout the entire sales process
  • Make sure what you deliver matches what you offered 100%
  • Be precise with your wording. If you promise something is permanent, then it needs to be permanent
  • Realize that, while you may include whatever disclaimers you like on your sales page, that every sale you make on Legiit qualifies for a dispute

These general guidelines will help ensure that both seller and buyer have a positive experience on Legiit.

To cancel a dispute, follow the instructions here: https://legiit.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/36000333506